Barriers to Help-Seeking in Suicidal Men: A Systematic Literature Review

Employees at NAViGO CIC, in collaboration with the University of Hull and Manchester University NHS Foundation Trust, have undertaken a systematic literature review exploring barriers to help-seeking in suicidal men.

522 papers were identified from a search of Web of Science and PsycINFO, and 7 full-text, qualitative papers were included in the review. Four reoccurring themes were identified – masculinity, stigma, self-medicating and mislabelled pathology. These barriers were consistent within the limited literature available.

Although the available literature has provided themes for study on how self and societal appraisals may impact help-seeking behaviours in males, comparative quantitative and longitudinal studies are required imminently to increase understanding and approach this health crisis effectively.

The full paper can be found and downloaded, via ResearchGate, here